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Jason Lennox healthcare revenue expert



Revenue cycle expert

recovery champion


As a leader in revenue and regulatory operations, Jason works daily to radically transform systems and outcomes in the healthcare space. Through data-driven approaches, proven methodologies and long-standing relationships, he reclaims revenue that has amounted to millions which would have otherwise been lost.

Transforming these systems means transformation in our communities, as critical funds

can be redirected to recovery programs that produce individuals that transform our world.


Transparency in financial health becomes clearer with his deep-dives into systems and undiscovered financial outcomes. Companies and investors with a clearer picture of budgets and debt profiles are able to strategically plan more effectively.


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"So many businesses exist financially and operationally like my life did - with chaos and in survival mode.

The tools that helped me find a new life in recovery are not too unlike the tools I’ve implemented with businesses to turn the corner.


Grit. Determination. Persistence.


When businesses can do better,

more people are served in more effective ways.

Businesses can move from surviving to thriving with the right tools.

This is the space I’ve found my passion in."

Jason Lennox

Jason Lennox consultant
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"Jason's passion and knowledge for the work is second to none.  He understands from a forward thinking lens the "why" and "how" that will affect those that need care, support, or knowledge to be able to make good decisions for their loved ones to ultimately be successful navigating our system in the health and human services field.  Jason has built his reputation by doing the right thing, all the time.  I have not worked with an individual with his level of integrity, honesty, morals, ethics, etc....probably why so many individuals value his feedback and want to collaborate with him. 
I'm a better person for having our paths cross."

Luke W - MN behavioral health provider and founder/wellness app


Jason Lennox public speaker


As a professional speaker, Jason infuses his talks with education and expertise, engaging his audiences with moving stories, compelling data, relatable experiences and proven solutions. Attendees walk away with new perspectives and renewed faith that we can all be a part of the solution to help fix the behavioral health gaps that keep critical funds from reaching those that need them most.

Healthcare Management

Jason leverages his speaking talents to help professionals uncover deficiencies and create positive financial and clinical outcomes, ultimately leading to more individuals receiving the support they need.

Jason Lennox revenue cycle specialist

Regulators & Legislators

Regulatory measures can help the insurance & healthcare system provide the tools needed for addiction recovery. Both sides work together to understand challenges, goals and strategies needed to get more resources into the behavioral health system, which helps all of us by helping the communities we live in.

Jason Lennox revenue cycle specialist

Behavioral Health Professionals and Social Workers

Jason presents to professionals in the behavioral health industry and in the social work industry, inspiring innovative ways to support those receiving care across all sectors of healthcare and lifestyle. Audiences include those in substance use disorder treatment, mental health, housing, employment, and case management.

Jason Lennox revenue cycle specialist

As a consultant, Jason dives deeply into revenue generation and revenue savings, where healthcare is one of the biggest offenders of waste and loss.. He applies a winning formula to recover debt, and funnels recovered funds back into the community addiction crisis. Within his expertise, Jason focuses on how to create and maximize funding sources.  Respected and revered for his exceptional acumen, his relationships always stand at the center of his effectiveness.

Healthcare Management

The current conversion rate in most revenue cycles is inexcusably low. Jason works with your team to educate them on proven systems and processes that will have you recovering 99% of your receivables. Jason helps develop leaders and teams within the revenue and regulatory operations functions, resulting in cleaner cycles and reclaimed funds.

Jason Lennoz healthcare regulatoru specialist


Jason assists in assessing financial profiles for current portfolio business and potential acquisitions, through deep-dive discoveries to analyze profile health and the feasibility of course correction.

Jason Lennoz healthcare regulatoru specialist

regulators & legislators

Jason works with the behavioral health sector to analyze data on regulatory measures that are impeding progress on combating addiction crisis.

Jason Lennoz healthcare regulatoru specialist

"Jason is capable, reliable, and the go-to person for all things (systems, processes, revenue, and leadership). Jason’s ability to adjust to different needs of the staff and the community has shown that he can get results. He has provided insight to myself and others to work towards increasing outcomes while also being able to be self-reflective of his style and approach, in order to provide communication and supervision that reflects empathy and honors diversity."

Ayanna R, Regional Director, MN behavioral health provider

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Recovery champion

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