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Jason is a living example of how anyone can overcome the biggest obstacles and lowest points when given the opportunity, understanding, and support to improve. He's lived on both sides of the behavioral health system and uses insights every day to streamline revenue management so the money gets back to the programs that help individuals and communities.

Jason wants to share the knowledge that he's learned from years of being in the systems of recovery and healthcare. Believing that if he can pay that forward, and give back to the community that gave him a second chance, he can use his experience to create success for others.

While promoting and speaking recovery into all of society at the loudest and highest levels, Jason works every day to remove the stigma, misunderstanding, and ignorance of addiction.


"I am who I am today because someone took a chance on me. Someone cared about me and loved me enough to want to invest in my recovery.  My greatest desire is that everyone gains exposure to the tools and methods that create a meaningful and purposeful life, free of the crippling illnesses and ailments that come with any addiction."

"it's hard to beat a person who never gives up."

Babe Ruth

"My mission is to work with as many behavioral health organizations and professionals as I can, improving the ways we can better optimize efficiencies to create sustainable systems that contribute back to communities and societies. I work with regulators and legislators to help incorporate the humanity of the service delivery and its regulations. I work with investors, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs to discover and uncover methods to maximize returns on investment."


In Jason's Words


Addiction, Trauma

Growing up, I struggled greatly with mental health and eventually found substances as a solution to those struggles. In 12 years of addiction, more than half was spent without a place to call home, without any basic needs and without meaning. After an overdose in 2010, a trip to the hospital, and one final stay in jail, I was granted a chance at treatment, perhaps my only chance.

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Early in recovery, I was still without many of the basic needs and struggled to deal with the consequences of my past. A couple I met in recovery took a chance on me, housed me, and supported my enrollment in school, as well as establishing good habits and tools to live a life free of substances.


An independent life

After the early stage of recovery, I found my own place, purchased my own vehicle, and began building a life of independence. I worked several minimum wage jobs while in school full time, spending time in service to recovery groups and people within them.

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Entry into behavioral health

Near the end of my schooling, I obtained a job working at a recovery center, which ultimately turned into a six year journey with seven unique roles, in which I learned all functions of the operations of a behavioral healthcare business.


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Developing expertise in cash management

Ultimately, I landed in a position to support generating and managing revenue, working with insurance companies, regulators, and partners to optimize service delivery and cash management. From reducing insurance balances by a million dollars to reducing payment cycles from 100 days to 15 days, it became clear that many organizations miss simple opportunities to maintain positive cash flow.


Radically transforming systems

Today, as an expert in the field, I've found several ways to radically transform the delivery and effectiveness of services. From public speaking and educating the world on my mission, to consulting and advising, my daily commitments always incorporate how to better our systems and the world in which they function.

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Recovery champion

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