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A Perfect Tragedy
A Memoir by jason lennox

For Jason, waking up in a jail cell wasn’t unusual, but on December 9, 2010, he found himself facing a wakeup call unlike any other. Without the drugs and alcohol that had been his only escape, forced to confront his deeply rooted pain for the first time, and facing the law at last after a year spent on the run, he wanted just one thing: an easy way out of this world. But backed into a corner for the final time, he made a desperate call for help that would give him one last chance.


In this raw and poignant memoir, Jason shares the true account of his journey to and through one of the deadliest diseases of our time: addiction. From heartbreaking tragedy to unimaginable salvation, his authentic account of addiction and recovery is an unflinching look at the reality behind one of the greatest public health crises our world has ever seen. 

A Perfect Tragedy Memoir

Tim E.: Amazon

Thank you jason!
Jason Lennox gave me a perspective in this book I wasn’t expecting. I was a police officer for nearly 25 years and a correctional officer for three years before that. I also had my own battles with alcohol abuse. Jason’s words describe his roller coaster ride of abuse and recovery in a powerful way that draws the reader in. I could feel his honesty, fears, frustrations, and joy. This is a fantastic book for first responders that will provide insight into some of the people they are called to serve. It’s also poignant for those who are facing their own demons, and let’s face it, we are all fighting something!

gregory w; amazon

A Must-Read Book!
Wow, I was completely blown away by Jason's story. He went from tragedy to triumph. From pain to purpose. And from loss to gain. Even if you are one who has not struggled with addiction you should read his book in order to be able to empathize and help others who might be struggling. This book is a powerful testimony of change though first making a personal decision to want to change and then surrounding yourself with others who will help you. So thankful and glad that Jason wrote this book and for showing me how important relationships are.

kendra: amazon

Phenomenally inspiring!
Jason’s story is nothing short of a miracle. His book is truly inspiring and deeply moving! His writing impeccably captures the essence of what it means to battle addiction, not only individually, but also how addiction can ravage the lives of all of those in the path of the addict and or alcoholic. Thank you for sharing your truth. Thank you for spreading your message of hope. I hope that people see themselves in your story, and I hope that they truly feel that there is a solution for them, too!

MArgo M.: Amazon

Thank you Jason, for sharing this important story, the highs, the gut wrenching lows and the way you have used your skills to make life better for many people. Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family, over and over again. It is reassuring and encouraging that you made it through and are making a positive impact on others. It is important work.

BAHL s: amazon

honest & Enlightening!
I enjoyed the honesty of this book. I am surprised and saddened by what addiction can do to a person. I am also extremely happy there is hope for everyone battling. I finished it feeling great respect for anyone who has overcome and with hope that others can and will. I will most definitely share this book with others who are fighting the good fight and their loved ones. Everyone needs hope and this book gives it!!

sheila: amazon

honest, captivating & inspiring!
We need to hear more stories like Jason's. The honesty and vulnerability with which he told the story of his life before, during and after addiction is so valuable to reframing the way society regards Substance Use Disorder. His story sheds light on 1) what is really happening when someone is struggling with addiction and 2) the fact that a successful and fulfilling life is possible on the other side. The former addresses stigmatization and the latter fosters hope - both of which are needed to more effectively battle this public health crisis. Well written and desperately needed.

Recovery champion3

Recovery champion

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